Gallatin County Video News High-Speed Internet!
We have been setting up our new high-speed Internet service through out the county and as of this morning, the Western side of the county is up and running. We plan to have all of Gallatin County covered with our Internet service soon. If you are interested in getting our Internet service, please email us at

Only $24.95 per month!

If you already have an outdoor unit with another service provider, you can use that unit and all we need to do is re-program it to work with our system. New installs are $105.00 and that includes wire, outdoor unit, installation, & roof mount. The outdoor unit belongs to GCVideoNews and if it ever has a problem, we will replace the outdoor unit at no charge to the customer. No contract, cancel anytime.

As soon as we cover more parts of the county, we will let you know.

MAP of tested road coverage: (Roads in red are where we have tested. We will update this map on more test)

Roads covered: (some parts of some of these roads are in dead spot at this time. We are working to fill all of the gaps in the county. We can do a site survey at your home to check for a signal.)
Knox Lillard
HWY 16
HWY 455
HWY 1039
HWY 1316
HWY 127 south
HWY 35 (near speedway)
Sayersville Road
Dry Creek Road
Montgomery Road
Spencer Road
Boone Road
Eagle Hill Road
Cemetery Road