At the August 12th fiscal court meeting, Hargis Davis from GC Video News went in front of the fiscal court (video seen here) and asked if we could use the 190 foot police tower on HWY 455 over looking Warsaw. GCVideoNews offered to give the county $1.00 for every customer that connects to that tower. This tower will help expand our internet service and help with the county’s goal to provide all residents in Gallatin County with high-speed internet service at a low-cost. The vote was unanimous and we will be allowed to use the tower. Spike Wright is going to write-up a contract for the use of the tower and GCVideoNews will carry a one million dollar insurance policy so that if for any reason we damage the tower. We hope to have this tower up and running this month. The map below shows the estimated coverage area from this police tower. We are also going to try to work a deal out with Bill Spry to put equipment on his radio tower being built up near Mars Place off of HWY 16 (See the story that we did on Bill Spry – click here). To learn more about our internet service, click here.

NOTE: This map is what we think will be covered as long as it is line of sight. Some places may not be covered untill we set up repeaters in those areas.

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