We first reported that a county truck was plowing snow on Speedway Blvd as seen here: Click here for story
After this was brought up in the February Fiscal Court meeting, Kenny French said that Speedway Blvd was a county road and has been since 2001. However, former members of Fiscal Court said that the road was not the county’s and that it is a private road owned by the Kentucky Speedway. Kenny French said “we have a deed to the property so I assume that we own the road”. So why is it that we don’t own all of the other roads on the property?

Then, on April 12th 2010, the fiscal court tried to vote Speedway Blvd into the county system but why would they do that if we already owned the road since 2001? We think that it’s because of the video that we shot of them plowing that road and that some people are covering their tracks because it is illegal for county equipment to be used on a private road. We have looked for proof that it has been a county road but that search turned up empty.

Speedway Blvd was illegally voted in on April 12th because before any road can be voted in or discontinued, there needs to be notices and advertisements (Click here for law) about the change so that if someone disagrees with the decision, they can present themselves to the Fiscal Court and say what they need to. However no notice was given and no one was at that Fiscal Court meeting to discuss this road. Eric Moore, Kenny French, and Jeff Wallace voted to take it in. Joe Shinkle and Dudley Gullion voted against taking that road in.

After the April 22 Fiscal Court meeting, Johnny Masters said that Kenny French’s daughter, Courtney French approached him outside the court house and told him that she was mad that John Cain did that story on the roads and that we need to stop because some people may get hurt.

On June 8th 2010, we filmed county road trucks and inmates patching Speedway Blvd (as seen in the video below). An anonymous source tells us that they have paper work that clearly shows that the road belongs to the Kentucky Speedway. Another source told us that Kenny French is friends with the new owner of the speedway and that favors are being done. We will post more as it becomes available.

We at GCVideoNews think it’s sad that the county is wasting time and tax payer money on a road that no one lives on. Speedway Blvd is in bad shape and county workers and inmates were repairing it 3 days before the race. There are plenty of roads in the county that needs repaired that the county does actually own and is supposed to be responsible for keeping up with. So why are we wasting our tax dollars and county workers on a road that the county is not even lawfully responsible for?