At around 1:45pm rescue crews were dispatched to the 62 mile marker near the ramp on I-71 south for a vehicle that, according to calls to 911, flipped several time before stopping. When rescue crews were on the way to the scene, they were advised that the roof of the vehicle was collapsed and that there was an entrapment. Air care was on the way but were told to disregard at around 1:55pm. At 2:09pm, air care was called back to the scene. A 15 year old boy that was involved in the wreck was going in and out of conciousness after he was extricated from the vehicle. The 15 year old was not able to move and had no feeling from the neck down. The interstate was shut down on both lanes so that the helicopter could land at the scene. At 2:24pm, air care landed on the interstate and transported the 15 year old to UC Hospital. There is no word on his condition.