Updated 6-26-2010
At around 2:40am, Mike and Stacey Knight called dispatch to report that something was floating down the river and claimed that it looked like a discarded boat that was flipped upside down. Police from Gallatin County and Switzerland County responded to the scene. They pointed spot lights on the object but were still unable to tell if it was a boat or not. A passing barge stopped to help by shining a spot light on it also but police were still were unable to conclusively tell what the object was. At first, it was believed to be a capsized boat. Switzerland County Sheriff’s Deputy Dawson borrowed a boat from Belterra Casino to get a closer look. When he arrived he confirmed that it was indeed a boat. Dawson, along with a few other people, pulled the boat to shore on the Kentucky side. The boat was mostly under water and was severely damaged. It was an abandoned 20-foot-long pontoon. By 5 a.m., they determined the boat had long been abandoned and called off the search for bodies. The investigation into the submerged pontoon continues as officials try to determine where it came from and who owns it.

This is video of the boat.