Gallatin County School Board  The Gallatin County board of education met Tuesday night with a lot on the agenda.  All board members were present with the exception of Bradly Rahe. New student board member Maggie Wright was present for her first meeting, she is the daughter of county attorney John “Spike” Wright and Barbie Wright.    After a lengthy closed session the board voted 3-1 on a vote of  no confidence, against school superintendent Travis Huber. Board member Chad Murray said he felt the board was being extorted into hiring for a position and read the letter they received.  Board Chairman Hargis Davis had questions over the fuel bills on what the school was being charged. The Board voted to rebid the fuel contract, after it received a complaint on the wording of the bid proposals.  The contract stated it would be awarded to one bidder, but was broken down after the bids were received by Gallatin County School Superintendent Travis Huber.   A special meeting has been called for 7/26/2017 to bring in Southern Petroleum and the other bidders to explain how they bid and what their prices were base on. This will give the School Board members a better understanding of pricing.
Board members Chad Murray, Hargis Davis and Tony Foster are being named in a civil suit filed at the Gallatin County Court House by attorney Ed Massey. The complaint file stated they failed to provide emails under the open records act. Mr. Massey sets on the Boone County Board of Education. In addition, Ed is a Past President of the Kentucky School Boards and the National School Boards Association as well as a Director on the Board of the National PTA. He is representing unnamed parties from the school system against the three defendants. In speaking with the three members, they feel they are being sued for their votes to cut days and positions to save the district money. will keep you informed as this progresses and more information comes available.
The Board also ask the Architect of the new 1.9 million dollar bus garage to be present to answer questions. The board has been asking since February of 2017 to have someone answer questions on the building, the board voted to table the motion to pay the firm until someone answered questions. The firm has agreed to be at the special called meeting.