snapshot98Last night the first ever forum was held at the Gallatin County High School auditorium for school board members looking to be given the privilege of representing their districts on the board.  For the Glencoe district Meg Flannery and Hargis Davis, are running to fill a seat that will be vacated by an incumbent. For the Napoleon/Concord district incumbent Chad Murray is being challenged by Carrie Epperson for his position on the board. Tony Foster SR was also present to be ask questions, he is running unopposed to fill a seat that will be vacated by another school Board member. The debate was hosted by Christian Miller and Gallatin County News paper Kelley Warnick.  The forum was a good opportunity for candidates to let the tax payers of the community, see where each candidate stood on tax increases, school security, drug problems and giving a voice to our teachers and students.  Please take the time to watch the video, it is very informational. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this forum.