Mark Webb

UPDATED: 7-3-2010

At around 5:00am, a woman called police and reported that she saw two juveniles acting suspicious around her car on second street. The juveniles were near Raymond’s Trailer Park when Warsaw police officer Tommy Dunn spotted them in a vehicle. The juveniles then jumped out of the vehicle and took off running. Tommy Dunn went on foot looking for the juveniles and when he got back to his cruiser, he noticed that the car that they were in was moved and in Raymond’s Trailer Park. It turns out the it was two juveniles and one adult. They were all taken to the Gallatin County Sheriffs office. The vehicle was released to a family member. We are told that Mark Webb (seen in picture) was the adult involved and charged with: BURGLARY, 3RD DEGREE and RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY- U/$500 for a robbery that happened in Sparta Ky.