explodingI have been getting everyone’s comment’s you have been sending, yes I am working on two stories right now the county needs to know about.  Well 3 actually, but they are very interesting so I will get them up as soon as I get done.  Now to all the people who are leaving the comments’ I will not report on thing because of my family, you are sadly mistaken.  They get out and talk about me anyway, so who am I going to make mad, the ones who talk about me. So stay tuned in we are just making sure we have all of our numbers straight  before we report the stories.  Now as far as the new Glencoe magistrate goes, yes she is married to my Uncle and a very fine lady.  She doesn’t say a whole lot and is very business smart, so before you come on here and make your comments you have, why don’t you wait to see how she will vote on matters pertaining to the county. For those of you that ask why the paper wont report stories, go ask them, I don’t know.  I have nothing to do with or control over, what is printed by my favorite news paper print men, second only to THE CAT.

But I will be putting up several stories of interest that is and will be affecting the people of Gallatin County.