SnapshotToday the citizens of Gallatin County will decide who will represent them for the next four years.  I never saw politics get as dirty as they did this year, so this video will explain my thoughts on a subject that should have never been used.  Hope everyone has a great day and get out and vote.  No Chroma Key, no back ground music, no editing except taking out the pauses.  This is what a video looks like raw before we put the back ground to it.

***UPDATED**** We want too let everyone know we are still looking into all of this, a lot of people have ask if Chad Murray’s’ daughter is the one who distributed the video.  NO SHE IS NOT , she was another innocent victim in this game someone played.  I have spoken with snap chat and they explained to me how it worked, if someone has a black circle out beside their name, they have posted a story or received one and has not opened it yet.  The other reason I know she had nothing to do with it, I know who did, this is going to be an entire story in itself.  Yes Chad also knows who it was, so in the next few days, I plan on getting with Chad we have spoke on the subject several times and I want people to know his feelings on the matter.  So please do not think she had anything or any knowledge of this video.  But stay tuned this is going to get very interesting before it is over. 

We should have our new editing programs back up in the next few days, they are working on our servers we have been having problems with them and video upload problems.   But please rest assured the girl did not have anything to do with this, the story will be told in its entirety hopefully in the next few days.