1764295Since the fair is over we can get back to it here at GCVideoNews, letting the people in the county know what has been going on.  So here we go, at the school system David Morris who has given 30 plus years of his life to the board of education, has given his notice to resign from the board. I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Morris for his dedication to the children of our community and the service to our school system.   Mr. Morris was up for re-election this fall along with Soyna Giles. Once Education Commissioner Terry Holliday recognizes Mr. Morris’ letter, his daughter in-law Megan Morris will become the assistant principal to Shonda Dunn, who took Deb Browns position after she retired with 33 years of outstanding service to our education system in Kentucky, most of it here in Gallatin County.  Mr. Morris’ position will be filled this fall in the regular election for the school board seat, being it falls into the 90 day window for candidates’ to file to run for the position.  So if you are interested in running for this position remember the filing dead line is in August and there are two positions up for re-election.

The county will buy a $150,000.00 ambulance that will be the lightest in the state, because of its construction(I misunderstood when they were talking I should have put, “The ambulance will be the safest, most fuel efficient in our area. Due to the light weight materials and technology.” THANKS for the catch.) and the one that it will be replacing has @ 160,000 miles on it.  Residents of Fog Road addressed the Fiscal Court along with their attorneys about getting the county to start maintaining it.  County attorney Spike Wright ask the court to postpone the matter until he could do more research and they agreed.  The new YMCA that will be coming to the county will get a board appointed to it to take suggestions  and oversee the project.  A gentleman from the Switzerland County YMCA who is also working on the project said they were open for suggestions for the construction but the new YMCA will not have a swimming pool, but might be looked at a future date because of the cost to maintain it.  Attorney Corey Gamm, who also is the new ABC officer for the county, after Exit 62 Truck stop filed for package beer sales licenses (Judge Executive Kenny McFarland was former)  who has a practice in Warsaw was recommended by the County Judge Executive Kenny McFarland, to fill a seat that was vacant on the YMCA board in Switzerland County.  The judge did not say when he would give his recommendations for the new board in Gallatin County.

Magistrate Joe Shinkle voted against the first reading of the parks rules because of the wording of the hunting provision in it.  Amendments’ will be made to it before the second reading and final vote.  The county also renewed Rumpke’s contract after they received no other bids on it.  The rate will only be going up .25 cents under the new contract.  County Judge reported the new county internet system, sky tech broad band, is running top notch and they have around fifty paying customers on it.  The new internet system in the county created 2 jobs and a part time job there was no mention on what the waiting time is to have a site survey done and installation.

The county also fixed the final slippage on dry creek after being so wet last year and a bad winter,  the road was getting in bad shape but the county put a lot of resources to get it fixed for the residents and will continue to improve it along with other county roads.

This should catch everyone up a little bit, I will be getting more together for everyone with what else is going on and if you get a chance stop out to the Kentucky Speedway and check out the import show this weekend it is truly something to see.