flagOK let me break silence and answer a few questions:
-The question everyone has been asking is what Sheriff Josh Neale promised me and did he keep his promise or did he lie to me.  What I ask for was a cheese burger and MT Dew, but instead the Gordan looking out for my best interest and health, got me a range feed pulled pork bbq sandwich on wheat bun with a diet Pepsi so yes he did feed me!
-The next question I get ask a lot is did my dad (JL) tell me I was not aloud to do stories on the past election.  My dad has never told me what to do a story on or even said anything to me about a story GCVideoNews.com has done.  I believe he knows if GCVideoNews does a story, it is the truth to the best of our knowledge and if we report something wrong we will let the people know we are mistaken.  So if you ever hear anyone say not to worry about the video news they know how to take care of “them”, two thing just happened; first thing, they just lied to you, the only other person who has input on our stories is the owner Amy Davis.  The second thing is they were sadly mistaken in their assumption, no one controls GCVideoNews,we will report on what we get ready to.
-Now for the question on the fall elections, GCVideoNews has not made any agreements with anyone nor will we.  When the Gallatin fair is over we will start doing stories on what people need to know before they cast their votes for the candidates running.  Like always we will have the documentation to back up anything we post as we did in prior elections. But congratulations’ to everyone who ran in the primaries and good luck to all those who will be running in the fall races.  We look forward to covering the races coming up and interviewing the candidates.
-The last thing I would like to say is thank you to everyone who came out to support the Hansel Sullivan Memorial Pull, everyone involved greatly appreciates it.  So thank you to all the citizens in the county for your support.

As the people are running for office and other events are happening here in the county we will be reporting, as one of my favorite radio personalities Paul Harvey use to quote: “and now the rest of the story”

Amy Davis