you decided 2014The citizens of Gallatin County has decided who will represent them in the November elections. With 6148 registered voters in Gallatin County 2083 (@33%) turned out today. Congratulations’ to everyone who ran in our county, here is the results.



United States Senator (Rep)-
Mitch McConnell 204
Matt Bevin 152
Shawna Sterling 13
Chris Payne 6
Brad Copas 4

United States Senator (Dem)-
Allison Grimes  792
Tom Recktenwald 246
Gregory Leichty 164
Burrel Farnsley 105

Sheriff (Dem)-
Josh Neale 985
Ryan Morris 650

Coroner- (Dem)
Denny French 560
Ken Lafferty 383
Chad Adams 324
Kristie Beatty 237
Donald Jo Kannady 88

Coroner- (Rep)
Sue LeGrand 199
Jeffrey Harper 163


Constable 1st Mag District-
Shirley Chipman 477
William C Wilson Jr 51

Constable 4th Mag District-
Timothy L Davis 121
Jackie Caldwell 293

Cir. Judge 54th Judicial Cir. 1st Div.
Rick Brueggemann 926
Marcia Thomas 459
Edward Drennen 350
Howard L Tankersley 123