SnapShot(81)Gallatin County Sheriff Josh Neale was given an endorsement by the KMA/KBA.  Danny Colley “Oddball” president of District 11 made the announcement at a video shoot we were doing (YOU USE ,YOU LOSE).  It is a video to let the people know the KMA/KBA will team up with local and state police agencies’ to fight heroin.  What makes this endorsement so special is, Sheriff Josh Neale is the first primary candidate to ever be endorsed by the organization.  They will also be starting a program to educate children in our schools about motorcycle awareness.  This program is called share the road, with teaches people and new drivers to watch out for motorcycle riders.  The KMA/KBA works hand in hand with state legislators to protect the rights of not only motorcycle riders but also four wheeler riders, bicyclists, ect.. They watch bills in both houses to make sure your rights are not restricted or taken.  Each year they can be seen walking the halls of the capitol in Frankfort, KY and work with biking organization all over the United States to protect people’s rights and freedoms.  To be given an endorsement by the KMA/KBA is not just an honor but a privilege.  They will only endorse candidates they know is right for a job. Anyone wishing to join to help can attend the event coming up at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds June 6th, 7th and 8th, stop out meet and talk to Oddball and State KMA president Jay Huber.