yd2014                    POLLS ARE CLOSED THANK YOU TO THE 690 Who PARTICIPATED.

As I promised, I would put out one more set of polls to see what our margin of error is in elections here in the county.  We will have the polls open until we get a good sample number to be able to compare to the county vote count.  People will try to discredit them saying you can vote twice, well yes you can if you vote each time from a different computer.  So if you vote off your work computer then go home and vote, yes you voted twice.  We would hope people would be honest enough to not do this, so thank you in advance for taking the time to do them and for doing the previous polls.  If I have missed a candidate in the primary please let me know, on the District Judges race you can pick two (2) candidates.   Those two will move on to the fall primary to have a run off. Comments are turned off on these polls, Thank you everyone.