SnapShot(72)While looking into whether or not the city of Glencoe KY was wet, this is what we found.  It is going to surprise a lot of  people.  We are not making any accusations, we are just going to show you hard facts with documents to back them up.  All of our documents were found in archived records or at the state level.  What we are showing is not in any way meant to embarrass or disrespect anyone.  We truly feel it is the people right here in Gallatin County to know and we would like your feed back after you watch this video. There is two offices here in the county I want to thank for your help, The Gallatin County Clerks Office and the PVA office. What they have done with all the records that was taken from the basement of the old court house, that has set in water and who knows what else.  I cant even began to imagine the time they have spent getting these records in order. Again thank you everyone who helped with this locally and in Frankfort.