GFirst off let me apologies for not staying up with the web site lately.  As a lot of you know we have been busy with Johns court case and with the weather being below normal we just haven’t been out very much.  To answer peoples question about where everything is with John, we went to court Tuesday the 25th. For the second time a pretrial date was set for 2 weeks by the prosecutors office.  John is not aloud to talk about the case, but speaking for GCVideoNews, we know he appreciates all the support and messages he has received.


GCVideoNews would like to welcome a new link we are putting on our web site It is read everyday from Frankfort KY., to our dysfunctional Capital  in Washington DC.  It has been recognized by a lot of national papers as the most conservative web blogs in KY.  So just click on the link on the left and go say hello and check out his blog and political cartoons he does.

With the elections coming up we will be doing a live broadcast from the extension service building, it will be hosted by David Hull and myself.  You the voters will be able to participate with questions by instant messages, to ask the Candidates questions and we will choose, ask your questions for the live broadcast.

We are looking at trying to have the Saturday afternoon live broadcast up and going by sometimes in March,  we will be doing a full report of the news in our county for the week.  We finally have enough brave reporters to set in front of the cameras and broadcast live and we would like to thank them.  There will also be special guest so you can call in or send instant messages to ask questions of them, in their field of expertise.  Hopefully after the weather breaks this weekend people can finally get back to a normal schedule and get their plans back on track for the year.

I have a question for the people of Gallatin County, GCVideoNews was ask if we would consider becoming a satellite affiliate of a large news organization. What this means is they would have exclusives to our videos and no one else could use them except there affiliated stations.  The way GCVideoNews has always been we have always given access to all news outlets so they could use our videos free of charge.  Our videos have been used on Speed TV, evening TV shows and most news outlets in Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington.  So what I am going to do is put a poll out to see what the people of Gallatin County think along with other polls. No matter what people might think of us we do this for the people in Gallatin County to try to keep them informed to the best of our ability.