Mitch McConnellThis is the newest video released from Senator McConnell’s camp it is called “EXPLAIN”. This video was put out on the night of the State of the Union address.  Please watch and leave your feed back for us to pass on to his campaign managers. Just because we are a small county does not mean, we don’t have a voice.
As Senator McConnell says, the President is elected to lead all Americans, not just one political party. He’s not supposed to listen only to those who agree with him.
No – real leadership often means listening to those who disagree with you.
Mitch McConnell sets that example every day. He is a committed Kentucky conservative and stands up for our values, but his door is always open to every Kentuckian, because he knows that the responsibility of elected office means working to bring people together and build consensus.
But all too often – and it’s beginning to feel like without exception – President Obama refuses to listen to folks like you and me: conservatives, Republicans, and Independents who disagree with the liberal policies of this administration and want a different course.
Well,, tonight is the annual State of the Union address. All eyes will be on President Obama as he lays out his agenda for 2014. Will he show he is listening to us, or will he hunker down and push only the liberal, big government agenda of the far Left?
Senator McConnell is a conservative, and there will be plenty of areas where consensus with this President is simply impossible. But, Mitch is committed to trying, working day in and day out, to find common ground wherever possible.
In fact, most of the major pieces of bi-partisan legislation passed during the past five years, legislation that gave permanent tax relief to 99 percent of Americans, cut spending in two consecutive years for the first time since the Korean War, and got Americans back to business by re-opening the government, all happened because of Mitch McConnell.
Tonight, the President will try to explain and we’ll watch. But he’ll have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to:
– $17 trillion in debt
– Record high unemployment
– The job crushing War on Coal
– Record numbers of Americans on food stamps
– IRS targeting of conservatives, and…
– Why he promised that we could keep our health plans, while millions have lost their insurance under Obamacare, I fear the only way to make him truly listen and turn this mess around will be to take back the Senate and elect Mitch Majority Leader.Please view our new video, Explain, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.”

So anyone who watches please share this with your friends and family it is a well put together video.