SnapShot (3)GCVideoNews has heard allegations that Sheriffs deputy Ryan Morris will challenge Sheriff Josh Neale for his position.  Sheriff Neale was elected three years ago, after he beat incumbent Sheriff Nelson Brown.  As of now we are hearing he will challenge him on the Democratic ticket.  We will try to get a interview with the Gallatin county Sheriff who has had a excellent three years in office cleaning up the county of its drug problems and working with the school on its DARE program to prevent future drug problems in the county.  Deputy Morris was just appointed secretary of the democratic party under the newly appointed chair Missy Biddle, her husband will be challenging Joe Shinkle for magistrate.  We will try and confirm these allegations Wednesday morning and let our viewers know, John and I will try to get a interview with the Sheriff who has always been very open to the press and media to keep his constituents informed.  He has always tried to keep  the citizens of the county informed on what his office has done and planned to do.  Again at this point we are only hearing allegations.