imagesHappy New Year everyone and what a year 2014 should be here in our county.  There will be a lot of interesting things happening in 2014 that will show what direction the County will head toward.  We have elections coming up this year for our County officials and also some very important National races for Senate.  The new rifle and pistol range should be up and going at the fairgrounds this spring with a lot of educational classes being taught for shooters, the new quarter mile dirt track is projected to be completed in May (weather permitting) for races on Friday night and cart races on Saturday nights.  A petition will be started to get 37 signatures, for a special election to vote the city of Glencoe wet and this is just the start for our small community.  We look forward to bringing you more stories in 2014 and also will be trying to get set up to do a weekly report for people here in the county.  Any constructive suggestions on something you would like to see us incorporate this year please leave a comment and let us know.  So have a happy 2014 everyone.