imagesI ask If elections were today would you keep who we have?  There was 1144 votes cast in this poll, here is what people said:

Kenny McFarland-824

Someone else-320

Jeff Wallace-973

Someone else-171

Eric Moore-915

Someone else-229

Dudly Gullion-515

Someone else-629

Joe Shinkle-458

Someone else-686

Josh Neale-526

Someone else-618

Tracy Miles-916

Someone else-228

Ruth Middleton-297

Someone else-847

John “Spike” Wright-366

Someone else-778

-Do you think Glencoe Fire department is doing a good job?

Satisfied- 388     Neutral- 286    Dissatisfied- 470

-Do you think Gallatin Fire and Ems is doing a good job?

Satisfied-662   Neutral-298  Dissatisfied-184

-What do you think about how the county has been ran?

Satisfied-606  Neutral-229  Dissatisfied-309

-How do you think the Sheriffs Department is doing?

Satisfied-401  Neutral-183  Dissatisfied-560

-Do you think the Fair Board is doing a good job?

Satisfied-767   Neutral-194   Dissatisfied-183

-What do you think about the county attorneys office?

Satisfied-287   Neutral-343   Dissatisfied-514

-What do you think about our dispatch?

Satisfied-343   Neutral-241  Dissatisfied-560

-Is our county better off today than 4 years ago?

Satisfied-687  Neutral-171  Dissatisfied-286


As candidate’s file to run, we will do more polls to see how far they are off this election, 2010 was +-3%.   Good luck to everyone who files to run for office in 2014.