GYet another sad tragedy has stricken our community here in Gallatin County, when this evening an 18 year old female that was pregnant was found hanging in a building.  The female has been taken to a hospital in Cincinnati.  I know as someone who does stories, I am not supposed to give my opinion on what we are reporting, but I am going to this evening. Here at GCVideoNews our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victim, I hope everyone who reads this understands what point I am trying to get across.  I hope anyone who thinks about doing this will think about what I say here, I mean in no way to hurt anyone, but hopefully maybe help someone.

Life is the most precious gift ever given to us, it is so short compared to the afterlife that awaits us, there is times in our lives that we think we can no longer go on and this is when we make a decision that affects everyone around us.  I set and wonder sometimes what has to go through someone’s mind or what they think can be so bad that can’t be fixed.  I set and wonder does people not stop to think who all their actions affect?  Does younger people not understand that life is not a video game that you can hit reset on or start over?  I have often wondered if a person would take one tenth of a second to stop and think about what they are about to do, would they do it? If they stopped and thought about the pain and devastation to the people’s lives that truly love them, would they do it?  We live in a time where people are stressed out every day, over worked, health issues and money issues, people wonder how they are going to make it and try an provide the best they can for their families.  We are living in a time when we are in a constant rush and we don’t pay attention to the loved ones around us, even though we love them with all of our hearts. We live in a time when we don’t take the time to check on our neighbors to see how they are doing, we live in a time where it is about trying to get ahead at all means necessary, we live in a time that we don’t stop to ask someone how they are, we live in a time where people come home from work tired and has to get up the next day to go to work again, a lot of the times not getting to see our children.  I set and think sometimes if someone would have ask, how was your day or have been able to set down together as a family for supper would these things happen.  What these people I believe don’t understand is they are loved by people around them.  In my opinion it is the one most selfish act any human being can commit, because of the pain and hut they cause everyone around them.  Those left will always wonder what they done or said to cause this or what they could have done or said to have prevented such tragedies.  People will always point and blame each other out of hurt and anger, say things to one another that can never be taken back, the bible tells us it’s not what goes in the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out,  because it comes from the heart (I know it’s not exact scripture).  If you are a young person or even an adult that thinks you have no other alternative, please know there are people who do love you and will talk to you about what you are going through.  Go talk to a pastor at a church, go talk to a friend, for that matter call the Sheriff or anyone who you believe will listen, because there is people that want to and will help you.  Once you make certain choices there is no telling your loved one you are sorry, there is no coming back because you changed your mind, your decisions you have made is final.  If you find yourself thinking this way please find someone to talk to and think about the pain you will cause others, because it is the one most selfish act anyone can commit.


This was not wrote referring to anyone and was not meant to hurt anyone, people please take a few minutes to tell your parents, children, grandchildren and neighbors or even friends that you love them and care about them, a kind word is all someone might need.