Snapshot(48)Just one day after I-71 was shut down for 7 hours due to snow and ice on the bridge at the 63 mile marker and Tapering Point Road, it was shut down again. A Female driving a ford suv wrecked, just as she crossed the bridge. When EMS workers arrived, the Sheriff Josh Neale put her in his Military Hummer for safety purposes. While working the accident they got to see a Gas Tanker come over the hill sideways and several other wrecks. The most interesting wreck was when a Male, driving the red Toyota, came out of the slow lane at the top of the hill and started passing traffic at a high rate of speed. The Sheriff was quoted as saying “here we go”, they watched as the vehicle hit the Hummer, with the lady in it, going up under it knocking the rear wheel off. The vehicle driven by the gentleman also hit a tractor trailer and the Glencoe Fire Chiefs F150 in the rear. No one was seriously injured in the accident; the Sheriff was able to drive the Hummer off with only 3 wheels. As you can see in the video at 10:08 this morning the main roads here in the county was still very treacherous.