This morning around 0830 Glencoe Fire and Rescue, Gallatin County Fire and Rescue and Gallatin County EMS, were dispatched to the bridge at the 63 mile marker and Tapering Point road. A SRT transport truck driver had lost control of his vehicle and hit the bridge sending the tractor over onto Tapering Point road and the trailer across the bridge. The driver out of South Carolina was transporting frozen pizzas. He was pronounced dead on the scene. A person on scene coming on duty, was about 30 seconds behind the accident, he said he saw a ball of fire shoot into the air and thought a house had exploded. The Kentucky Engineers were called in to inspect the bridge where the tractor trailer impacted it. Also the EPA came in to contain the fuel spilled from the truck to prevent it from reaching the water ways. The interstate was shut down at 0845 and one lane was reopened around 1115.