The voters of Gallatin County sent a loud and clear message to the Gallatin County School Board, enough is enough. Becky Burgett whom had held the 3rd Educational District for around 20 years, who has said in the past, she never heard any complaints from people in her district about taxes, was defeated by Chad Murray by almost 2 to 1.  Also Joesph “Dicky” Wilson beat Joanie Rodgers almost 2 to 1 in the 5th Educational District, along with Alex Tanish who replaced Anita McFarland in the 4th Educational District after her resignation earlier in the year.  Talking with voters they said they could not afford to pay higher property tax rates any more, that the School system has imposed on the County without any say.  But voters did get their say tonight at the polls with the whole changing of the dynamics of our school board.  All three candidate’s had run on the platform of not raising taxes, before doing extensive research and cuts that has not been done for a long time.  Gallatin County had a 52% voter turnout compared to 57% in 2008.  Brian Linder defeated Wanda Crupper Hammons by 2794 votes in the race for State Representative for the 61st District in what some thought would be an easy win for Hammons, because she was being backed by Rep. Royce Adams who held the seat for 20 years and her father who held the seat for 20 years prior.  Here are the winners of each race in the county with their vote totals, with the city council races listed from top vote getter to least.  From everyone here at GCVideoNews Congratulations’ to all the candidates who won their respective races.

President and Vice President of the United States:

-Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan:  1758

-Barack Obama/Joe Biden: 1238

U.S. Rep. in Congress 4th Cong. Dist.

-Thomas Massie: 1540 (186,026)

-William R. “Bill” Adkins: 1260 (104,730)

-David Lewis: 86 (8,673)

State Senator 11th Senatorial District (Uncontested)

-John Schickel: 2103 (46,962)

State Representative 61st Rep. District

-Brian E. Linder: 1584 (9,387)

-Wanda Crupper Hammons: 1396 (6,593)

Commonwealth Attorney 54th Judicial Circuit (Uncontested)

-Linda Tally Smith: 2179

Circuit Clerk (Uncontested)

-Pam Sullivan McIntyre: 2263

3rd Educational District

-Becky Burgett: 211

-Chad A. Murray: 405

4th Educational District (Uncontested)

-Alex Tanish: 305

5th Educational District

-Joanie Rogers: 102

-Joseph R. “Dicky” Wilson: 206

Glencoe City Council

-Anthony R. West: 101

-Julie “Ju Ju” Sullivan: 99

-Charlotte A. Adams: 93

-Mike Hampton: 84

-Richard S. Dunaway: 77

-Benny Edmondson: 75

-James Edmondson: 71

-Micheal Murphy: 66

-Leesa Nantz: 57

-Teresa McPherson: 49

Warsaw City Council

-Keith Jones: 473

-Jamie Gould: 456

-Randy Jones: 448

-Jerry Hunt: 411

-Tyler W. Boaz: 392

-Gary Thompson: 355

-Michael Finfrock: 246

Constitutional Amendment

-Yes:  2229

-No: 363