I was contacted today by a citizen here in Gallatin County who made a good point to me about using county equipment to do private property.  So here is the story to the best of our knowledge and what we could find out.  We want to let it be known up front this has nothing to do with the fire fighters or ems personnel who do a wonderful job here in our county.  At around 12:45 this afternoon we received a call about squad 1 along with squad 2’s crew being taken to the Kentucky Speedway along with a fire truck to clean under the towers. At first I didn’t believe it but we went to investigate and yes it was true.  Here is the video of the truck setting under the Indiana Tower at the speedway, this is not the first incident that has taken place lately with improper use of county equipment. Fire trucks was also used to clean Paint Licks Church parking lot with paid members and a truck, also one was used to clean a parking lot for a wedding.  I talked with magistrate Dudly Gullion and he said no matter what he tried to do to stop the illegal activity it was always 3-2 vote against him and Joe Shinkle.  I also talked with Magistrates Shinkle  and he informed me he had already talked to the Judge today and he claims the Judge said he guessed he would bring him in on Monday and have a talk with him.  But they still sent the truck and squad to the speedway.  At 1433,  1 minute after I called dispatch to see if the squads had returned, they dispatched squad 1 back to the squad building for someone with chemical burns.  The key word here is “BACK”.   Food for thought 2 years ago everyone wanted it reported on the roads and use of county equipment to do private driveways; what is the difference now?