Friday night was an exciting night for Gallatin County as the Republican Party hosted a meet and greet of the candidates’ running on the Republican ticket this May. Kevin Deaton who is head of the Gallatin County Republican Party and business owner here in the county (Deatons Market) put together an excellent venue for people who attended to watch.  Whoever wins this race will face off against their Democratic counterpart this fall.  What is shaping up to be an exciting race, Gallatin County has become an important county to win for the Candidates’. Here is a list of the candidates’ running for the US House of Representatives’ with a link to their web sites so you as voters can find out more about the candidates’. Owen County  Attorney  Marc Carey campaign website , Oldham County School Board member Walt Schumm campaign website , Lewis County Judge Executive Thomas Massie campaign website , Boone County Judge Executive Gary Moore campaign website, 63rd District Kentucky House of Representatives’ Alecia Webb-Edgington campaign website,  Fort Mitchell (Kenton County) Tom Wurtz campaign website,  Democrat Bill Adkins was born in Letcher County and resides in Grant County and works as an Attorney Bill Adkins campaign website.  Also in attendances was some of the candidates’ running to replace 61st District State House Representative Royce Adams, who is retiring after his 20 tenure in the House.  Here also is the two candidates’ that took the time to show up, Brian Linder who works for Owen Electric and is a Magistrate on the Grant County Fiscal Court and Scott Bruce from Williamstown, Kentucky who owns Bruces Grocery in Williamstown. The two republicans are fighting it out for a seat that has been held by Democrats for the past 40 years, Clay Crupper and Royce Adams.   Judge Executive Kenny McFarland whom is John Schickels campaign manager here in the county and also endorsed Boone County Judge Gary Moore was in attendance.  If you can PLEASE take the time to watch the video, this is an important election for our county and will affect all our futures.  It took around 16 hours to upload this video but I felt it was important for the people of our county to see.  We will soon have our upload problem fixed, so you will start seeing all the events and meetings going on in our community.  I would also like to thank everyone for the emails and support of GCVideoNews and for your patience while we are getting this problem fixed and everything set up.