This morning the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department, Warsaw Police Department and Gallatin County EMS was dispatched to, 1910 hwy 16, for a home invasion and for gunshot wounds and difficulty breathing . While on their way, it came across as stab wounds as dispatch was talking to the people at the residence. When officers arrived they quickly apprehended the suspect, Morgan R Brian 46,from Cincinnati OH. He had none of the above; the property owner had given him a good beating as he tried to leave his residence. He was charged with BURGLARY, 2ND DEGREE, WANTON ENDANGERMENT-1ST DEGREE, ALCOHOL INTOXICATION IN A PUBLIC PLACE-1ST & 2ND OFFENSES. Now as Paul Harvey legendarily quoted “Now for the rest of the story”; allegedly the gentleman was setting around drinking while receiving text from a female inside the residence. The gentleman drove down to where he was supposedly invited and when he walked into the home was given a beating by the home owner, whom was not supposed to be home until around 0800 from work. The female denies knowing the man, but he seems to know her allegedly.