Around 1741 this afternoon Glencoe Fire Department, Gallatin County EMS and Gallatin County Fire Department was called to Roberts RD. for a structure fire. The fire station in Napoleon, which sets in Magistrate Joe Shinkles District, proved to be a valuable asset to the county, when the Glencoe fire department was able to respond with their trucks from this station. It took less than 6 minutes from the time the tones dropped for engine 903 to be on scene, by being able to do so saved the home and property of Tipton and Bonnie who was very appreciative. “If it had not have been for the quick response the Glencoe Fire Department we would have lost everything we had” said Tipton, whom had already took an axe and started cutting into the wall where the fire had started from his wood stove. The home owner was checked by EMS for smoke inhalation but refused transport. Even with all the nice weather, the ground is still soaked as we can see in the video, as 811 almost got stuck leaving the scene, after everything was under control.