Yesterday (02-01-2011) as we all know was a beautiful day to be out.  While setting at the fire house we saw a few children playing in the city park with their parents, Ricky Dunaway and Tasha. As we watched the parents show their artistic ability with washable chalk on the side of the building, the city has already spent around $20,000.00 on the question was ask “Was Steve Perkins Right”?  The city of Glencoe is moving forward to improve its self and the new mayor Jim Nance is cleaning up the town by removing abandon homes, cleaning up the city park, he and the council are moving forward.  At the city meetings we all know Mr. Perkins has been very vocal about money being spent on the park, calling it a waste and no one would use it or it would just get vandalized again. Here is my question for all of our viewers, after watching the video was Steve Perkins right?  In my opinion the couple in the video did not mean any malice intent towards the city property, they were out enjoying the day with their children.