What started out as a call on Ponderosa Dr. off hwy 16, turned deadly. The original call came in from the home owner Patrica Cavins as an alleged hostage situation that started out in the house and ended up in the driveway where the boy would not leave. When Sheriff Josh Neale arrived, 20 year old Eric V Stahl, turned a 357 pistol on him shooting him as he stepped out of his vehicle, then turning the gun on himself taking his own life. The bullet was a 357 hollow point that struck the door jam and fragments from the round hit the sheriff in the lower abdomen. He was taken to the Gallatin County Fairgrounds where he was flown to UC hospital, where he was treated and later released. In talking with Patrica Cavins in an exclusive interview she said Eric Stahl had been in and out of foster homes most of his life and they were trying to help him, but he was having alleged mental issues, his girlfriend was due to have their baby on 9/21/2011. In talking with Miss Cavins she said they had no idea where the gun came from. All the Fire departments and EMS workers and city police responded to help along with the State Police, Sheriff’s Deputies, city police departments from Carroll County, Boone County, and Florence. They responded to help when the call went out 101 had been shot and to show their support for him and his family. A large crowd of friends and citizens gathered at the Fair Grounds to show their support also as the Sheriff was being air cared. At this time he is home with his family recovering from the ordeal. Here at GCVideoNews we would like to say, we wish you a speedy recovery Sheriff.