With temperatures well over 100 degrees on the asphalt,  Glencoe Fire Department along with Gallatin County EMS, Gallatin County Sheriffs’ Department and the Kentucky State Police was dispatched at 1705  to the 62 ½ mile marker,  where a  4 vehicle accident occurred .  A Bulk Transport truck driven by Jackie Scroggins hit Darin Anderson the driver of the Nissan Altima in the rear, as traffic slowed in a construction zone.  It sent the Nissan into the rear of the Toyota Highlander and on into the center median.  The Toyota Highlander driven by Amy Hellman, which had two other passengers’, was turned sideways when the Nissan hit it and then was impacted in the side by the Bulk Transport truck,  driving it into the rear of a Fed Ex truck driven by James Heitman. There was no serious injuries in the accident, the interstate was cleared and reopened at 1805.