Here is a good question to the people of Gallatin County, maybe someone can answer.  How can a private corporation hire off duty police officers to police private property around the speedway?  Let me give you the scenario, while setting on the lot across from the speedway where  the old BP use to be a SUV pull up into the lot and ask to buy NASCAR  tickets for the Saturday race.  The gentleman selling the tickets said he had some for sale, when he showed the people the tickets they took them and said they worked for the speedway and the speedway did not want people out selling tickets.  One of my questions would be; who is the speedway to tell a private citizen if they can sell their tickets or not after they purchased them.  My next question is how you can sell something when money has never changed hands.  The only thing I can figure is, if you say you work for the Kentucky Speedway you can leave speedway property and take peoples tickets, when you ask for the law to be there so you can identify who they are while they are setting on private property stealing someone tickets they get in their vehicle and drive off and if you ask if they are going to wait for the Sheriff to get there, they get in their vehicle and drive off and say’s  he knows where to find them.  If you question who they are or just to identify their self’s they threaten you.  Make sure everyone passes this video on it is educational, it shows how a corporation can abuse people’s rights with no consequences’.