At around 3:30 am Glencoe police officer Ed Caldwell noticed a white van at the fair grounds in Glencoe. When Caldwell approached the van, it sped off. Caldwell began chasing the van on Highway 127 North and then on US 42 North. Warsaw Police officer Jason Jones joined in the chase along with Gallatin County sheriff deputy S05 and state police. The van then turned right at the four-way intersection adjacent from Big Bone Road. Police lost the vehicle. Minutes later, a call to the Boone County Police Department reporting a suspicious white van in a driveway on Dickerson Road near Beaver Road in Beaverlick, led police to the van. The driver, a 16 year old, and his 13 year old brother stole their moms van overnight and tryed to break into the concession stand at the fair grounds. Deputies quickly took the boys into custody. Police say they’re surprised no one got hurt in the chase. The 16-year-old driver did not have a driver’s license.

Scanner recording of chase