We received a call this afternoon to do a story on a child who is 9 years old, that started walking home from school, on US 42 to Glencoe this evening where he lives, which is approximately eight to ten miles away.  Let me give you a little background on the child.  Zachary Hamilton, who is the son of Stacey Warr, who has three other small children, was running late from a doctor’s appointment.  She contacted the school system to let them know she was going to be late, and was told her child was not there.  When she asked where her child was, the school done a role call on the ‘pick up’ children, and he was not there.  The reason Zachary was a ‘pick up’ student, was because he was suspended from the bus for throwing a flip flop at his sister, so therefore the school system knew he was a ‘pick up’.  When Mrs. Warr arrived at the school, she was met in the parking lot by Mrs. Deb Brown, who asked Mrs. Warr if she had found her child yet.  Mrs. Brown wanted to know if he could be at the park by chance.  Mrs. Warr came to find out that her nine year old child had been picked up by kind STRANGER on US 42 pass R&B, whose child knew Zachary, and drove Zachary to his home in Glencoe.  What is a startling trend here is between three to four months ago the school system let a 6 year old, Brennan Wilson, whose mother is Ashley Wilson, off a bus to walk home alone approximately a half mile away, because the bus had to many students on it.  This video shows Zachary’s mother’s reaction, which was very upset and concerned.  It also shows the school boards lack of concern over the issue. It seems as though this is another case they want to act like never happened.  So my question again is “Will it take one of our children being abducted or killed before something is done?”   The superintendent is always talking about how our children are important and how the school cares about them, but yet these issues continue to arise.  We as tax paying citizens should be concerned and should continue to remember these issues when the next elections roll around, and remind them how much our children mean to US!