Around 21:15 this evening   Brandon Perez a 3 year old was hit by a car driven by 50 year old Barbara Lewis after he ran in the roadway of U.S. 42 while attending a local church function. The doors were left open on the church and he wandered out on HWY 42, without anyone seeing him leave. Perez was transported to the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The Driver of the vehicle panicked and left the scene and drove to Asbury point, then returned with her husband.  Lewis was taken to the hospital where she was tested for alcohol to make sure she was not under the influence.  Other motorist at the scene said they were swerving to miss what they believed to be an animal laying in the road.  Because of the heavy rain and conditions, one driver said “I thought someone had struck a dog” before he realized what had happened.  The accident is still under investigation by State Police.