Today GCVideoNews sat down with Gallatin County Sheriff Josh Neale. Here is a few facts for the people of Gallatin County. For January 2011 the Sheriff’s Office responded to 626 calls for assistance, served 180 court papers, made 51 arrest charges, (19 warrants, 4 meth related, 15 DUI, 9 AI, 4 other. They worked 22 accidents, there were 27 cases investigated for theft, assault, property damage, forgery, and many other crimes. They cleaned up 2 Meth Labs with the assistance of KSP. They worked 121 hours of overtime ranging from court to shift overtime. Total mileage for all Deputies is 9687 miles and fuel cost was $3408.00. They also assisted Corner Jack Hughes with 1 Death Investigation. This is just some food for thought for one month, if anyone wonders what your Sheriff’s Department does.