Thursday morning at around 5am a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she was awakened by a loud vehicle driving behind her house in Glencoe. She then heard what sounded like a crash. She tells GC video news that she looked out and although it was dark, she saw a vehicle driving away. Her and her husband went outside to investigate and noticed that the vehicle had hit a tree. Sheriff’s deputy Ryan Morris later found the vehicle abandoned on the fork in the road in Glencoe going up HWY 16. The truck had been reported stolen after the wreck. It was a red and white pickup truck with the front end heavily damaged. They took these pictures and sent them to us here at GC video news. We later saw this same pickup truck with it’s owner broken down in Warsaw in front of the Bank of Ky. People driving past the pickup truck thought that there had been a wreck and the Fire department along with EMS were dispatched to the scene. But the truck had actually broken down on the side of the road because of the damage to its radiator that it had sustained in its wreck earlier that morning. That’s all the information we have at this time.