On Monday March 29 2010 at 7:38am The Glencoe & Warsaw Fire Department were called to Sara Beth Dr off of hwy 16 near Napoleon for a car fire. At 7:44am the owner of the car called 911 dispatch again to tell them that the car exploded and the fluids caught the house on fire and that he had put it out with a garden hose. Unit 812 was the first to arrive at the scene at 7:50am and said that the car was fully engulfed in flames and is close to the house. The flames from the car reached telephone wires above and caused some damage to the lines. The flames were knocked out at 7:57am and our cameras arrived on scene at 7:58am and captured smoke coming from the car. We were told that the man continued to spray his home with a garden hose to keep the fire from burning his house down.