This afternoon, units 812, 825, Squads 1, 2 and 3,  Engine 808 & 809 along with air care from PHI and UC was called to Gallatin Steel Company.  There were reports of an explosion at Harsco Metals, (Harsco is a contractor that removes slag that is produced when making steel) when units arrived there were 4 injured. One of the injured was in Traumatic Arrest (no breathing, no response), he was transported to Carroll County Hospital.  GCVideoNews has the name of the deceased and is believed to be  48 year old Robin Kelley.  The other employee Dave Davanzati, who is also a Plant Manager at Harsco, was flown to UC with 2ND degree burns on his face and neck.  He is in stable condition the last word we had.  The other 2 injured was transported to Carroll County Hospital with minor injuries.  Sources are telling us here at GCVideonews they were in the process of getting ready to repair a leak on a loader tire.  They pulled the loader in the shop, to cut the chains off the wheel, so the wheel could be changed.  In the process of cutting the chains off, the tire exsploded propelling the  deceased back into another piece of equipment.  As we find out more we will keep everyone updated.