With the Elections over here in Gallatin County there was history made. Kenny McFarland became the first Republican County Judge Executive,  by defeating a very admiral opponent, in incumbent Kenny French.  Sonya Giles won re-election over write in candidate Joe Brown, who received the most write in votes of any candidate we could find in county history. ( If any one knows any different please let us know so we can change this.)  This was also the largest turn out for a mid-term election in our county history.  When you are out and you see someone who was running in a race, shake their hand and tell them job well done, ALL  of the candidates deserve it.  Here at  GCVideoNews we would like to congradulate everyone who ran.  As we look to the future no one knows what it holds, but here in our small community even though people has different ideals and goals,  people should remember one thing, we are all still neighbors.  I have been all around the world and no matter where I was, whether I agreed or disagreed with peoples Ideals or decisions,  I always looked forward to coming home to Gallatin County.  Congratulation to all the candidates

US Senator     Rand Paul-1619 Jack Conway-1167  
US  Rep Geoff Davis-1685 John Waltz-1065  
Dist Judge Jeff  Smith-1154 Rick Brueggemann-1274  
County Judge Ken McFarland-1600 Kenny French-1276  
Sheriff Josh Neal-2001 William Lay-618 Ronnie Smith-118
Magistrate 2nd Dist. Joe Shinkle-392 Jim Campbell-314  
Magistrate 4th Dist. Jeff Wallace-399 Tom Ellis-310  
Constable 3rd Mag. Dist Jason Proctor-270 Jackie Caldwell-348  
Mayor Glencoe Jim Nantz-76 Mark Wilson-60  
City Council Glencoe Rick Dunaway-82Michael Hampton-91Karen Wilson-70 “Ju Ju” Sullivan-99Julia Proctor-89Charlotte Addams-102 LeesaNantz-93Derrick Wilson-69
Mayor Sparta Sidney Gullion-36    
City Council Sparta Bill Dunavent-30Bonnie Bond-27 Dale Samuel-32 Chad Dunavent-30
1st Educational Dist. David Morris-370 Casey Casey-28  
2nd Educational Dist. Sonya Giles-355 Joe Brown-210  
Mayor Warsaw Aggie Finfrock-82 Earl Richard Wood-252 Charles French-316
City Council Warsaw Keith Jones-513Nelson Brown-485Jamie Gould-438 Tyler Boaz-419Jackie Giles-343 Randy Jones-468Jerry Hunt-413