Gallatin, along with Boone, Campbell , Kenton, and Grant counties will be using new voting machines that are suppose to speed up the voting process and improve accountability at the May primary.
It has been reported that the new “e-Scan” paper ballot voting machines were purchased with federal grants and will replace old systems that date back to the 1970’s.
With these new machines, voters simply need to fill out a ballot and feed it into what looks like a printer. The ballot will then be stored in a secure, Locked compartment under the voting machine.
The secure compartment will be sealed before the polls open and won’t be opened for at lease 21 days after the election according to state law.
The county clerk’s offices won’t count the ballots by hand unless a candidate requests an official recount. Instead, they’ll tabulate the votes on election night by reading a data card secured inside each machine. These new machines have an internal memory that can store the electronic vote so that votes are not lost during a power outage. 

How to use the escan voting machine